Wirethreading System

Wirethreading System, patented by Dr. Pablo Rojas Pardini in the United States resolves health conditions in patients suffering illnesses of unknown origin.

Octavio Cogley and Ciro Ortega.

The undersigned Panamanian journalists, Octavio Cogley and Ciro Ortega ,with several decades of experience, feel motivated and responsible to publicize the important Panamanian innovation, at a national and international level, due to the great need for the investigation and demand by patients suffering signs and symptoms comprising illnesses still unknown to this date, whereby we take the necessary time to investigate the truthfulness of the scientific discoveries of Dr. Pablo Rojas Pardini, orthodontist from the Orthodontic Clinic of Rojas Pardini, where we were able to vividly listen to the testimony of a significant number of patients, and of the scientific contributions in the science of orthodontics, medicine, and we give importance to the findings in the medical field that we wish to share with the entire world, the World Health Organization (WHO), with the relevant media, and those patients that see their quality of life decreasing without finding an immediate response.
During the last seven months, we have had the opportunity to personally and physically closely observe the work performed by Dr. Pablo Rojas Pardini in the Orthodontic Clinic, and have concluded that his work, based on the investigation of the stomatognathic system and his Wirethreading technique (patented in Panama, the United States, China, Mexico, Colombia, European Union, India, Taiwan, Argentina, among others), is an innovative treatment that is helping dozens of patients regain their health that was believed lost.
During these months, we have had the opportunity of interviewing over 100 patients of Dr. Rojas Pardini, and their testimonies have been simply surprising. These people lived for years with signs and symptoms such as dizziness, migraine, tension headaches, tinnitus, trigeminal neuralgia, Meniere's syndrome, neck pain, red eye, constant tearing, paresthesia in upper and lower members, among many other symptoms., and previously treated by various medical specialties in fields such as neurology, endocrinology, ophthalmology, otorhinolaryngology, among others, without answers.  Patients, that for years, have depended on treatment with a variety of medications that only alleviate symptoms while the effects of the medication lasts, but do not cure the ailment, obliging the patient to take medication for long periods of time, and at the end, many of them wind up suffering from side effects produced by these medications.  These patients received treatment with the Wirethreading technique and the stomatognathic system modulatory device, therefore improving the signs and symptoms they had been experiencing for years.
Dr. Rojas Pardini explains that, the stomatognathic system is located in the upper body from the base of the neck upward, containing within it important muscular skeletal structures, especially of the autonomic nervous system, arteries, veins, glands, respiratory, etc.  This system is responsible for functions as important as chewing, swallowing, balance, hearing, vision, phonation, upper respiration, among others.  Alteration of the stomatognathic system causes symptoms, signs and illnesses in patients such as:  migraine, tension headaches, dizziness, Meniere's syndrome, loss of balance, ringing in the ears, trigeminal neuralgia, myofascial syndrome, bruxism, unexplained rhinitis, sinusitis of unknown origin, neck pain, stiff neck, back pain, numbness in upper and lower limbs, sacroiliac pain, i.e., lower back and buttocks, insomnia, depression, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, etc.
For Dr. Rojas Pardini, the key to everything is:  dental malocclusion or poor bite, caused by hereditary factors, by differences in the upper and lower jaw, or in the size of the jaw and the teeth, due to poor childhood habits such as thumb sucking, poor dental hygiene, or inadequate or wrongful occasional dental extractions for esthetics without taking into consideration the delicate balance of the stomatognathic system that must be maintained to preserve the individual’s health.
In the majority of cases, patients with dysfunction of the stomatognathic system originating from dental malocclusion present florid dental clinical pictures, i.e., they present so many symptoms of the different body systems that it is very difficult for the doctors to understand what is going on with the patient from the anatomical and physiological point of view, complicating more so the patient’s situation, facing not only their illness, but also the misunderstanding by medical science of their clinical picture, entering a vicious circle for help,  leading to visiting specialist after specialist without finding answers.
The patient ends up being depressed, with no hope and without relief for the illness.  Generally, this situation is due to great lack of knowledge, and why not say it also, lack of interest by medical science in the functional anatomy of the stomatognathic system and its clinical implications, translating into signs and symptoms that affect the patient’s quality of life.
Dr. Rojas Pardini, specialist in orthodontics, with more than 30 years of professional practice, has a broader way of thinking and observing the stomatognathic system, allowing him to initiate his investigation, motivated by a great number of patients visiting his office who presented multiple symptoms that apparently were not related to the stomatognathic system.  Dr. Rojas Pardini then started his investigation, breaking the existing historical research paradigm between medicine and dentistry that promotes teaching of medicine for a man without a mouth, and the teaching of orthodontics for a mouth without a man.  Hence, Dr. Rojas Pardini went far beyond and studied basic sciences such as embryology and physiology for the creation of his Wirethreading technique through joint use of a modulatory device for the stomatognathic system with the primary objective of returning the neuromuscular balance lost, to the stomatognathic system, lost due to dental malocclusion or poor bite.   This technique also constitutes a reinvention of orthodontics since it allows aligning of the teeth in 80% of the cases without dental extractions, exerting force between teeth where spaces are needed, avoiding dental extractions, the Wirethreading technique, therefore, turning into a medical treatment that eliminates the signs and symptoms suffered by the majority of the patients for years.
Dr. Rojas Pardini is working on a book that will be published soon where he will reveal testimonies of his patients and will unveil this milestone that creates opportunities for curing countless ailments that have not been possible to cure to date, despite great advances in modern science.  Millions of people worldwide could benefit from this novel method of dental Wirethreading alignment that corrects poor bites, and gets the stomatognathic system to work effectively.
As a responsible journalist, I acknowledge the importance of internationally disclosing the Wirethreading technique, a Panamanian innovation that represents a breakthrough for health on a worldwide level, since it offers a different alternative for treatment of signs and symptoms and illnesses that represent a high percentage of worldwide workforce disability, decreasing productivity of millions of people, with millions in losses for companies, and health services with great negative impact on the quality of life of the patients.
Dr. Pablo Rojas Pardini, Panamanian orthodontist, graduated from the prestigious dental college, Columbia University, New York, has the following distinctions:

Accredited in the City of London on November 30, 2014 with the IQC Gold Award, granted by THE BID GROUP ONE organization in recognition of his contribution to the patented innovation of the worldwide known orthodontic technique known as Wirethreading.

Distinguished by the International Organization for Medical Training and Investigation, by its acronym IOCIM (Brix), as the best professional of Latin America and the Caribbean in his field for the year 2013-2014 for his professional achievements in the Wirethreading orthodontic technique.

Finalist of the Innovators of America in 2014 for the invention, successful development and application of the patented orthodontic technique:  WIRETHREADING that allows opening of spaces between teeth for alignment and to reduce or eliminate the need for dental extractions, used jointly with a device that balances the stomatognathic system.

Winner of the First National Award for Innovation for the year 2010 granted by SENACYT and the Chamber of Commerce, for the Wirethreading orthodontic technique for reducing the need of dental extractions and for complex bites.  Finalist winner in 2011, and additionally, finalist in 2013.
He has presented his scientific and innovative applications in 6 scientific sections of the American Association of Orthodontists, and among his contributions, having postulated and defined the neurological language of Bruxism in 2006, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014 and 2015.
1. Testimonies of dozens of patients reveal that Dr. Pablo Rojas Pardini’s techniques have helped them heal their ailments and enjoy a better quality life.  These testimonies are available  at  www.wirethreading.com, www.clinicarojaspardini.com, www.facebook.com/clinicarojaspardini

2. Investigations reveal that the key to many illnesses can be found in poor bites.

3. The “Wirethreading” technique, in conjunction with the use of a modulatory device of the stomatognathic apparatus, has proven effective in patients suffering from illnesses of unknown origin.
1.  Dr. Pablo Rojas Pardini  winner of the 2010 First National Award for Innovation  granted by SENACYT and the Chamber of Commerce

The international steering committee IOCIM, has granted Dr. Pablo Rojas Pardini the highest institutional health distinction, acknowledging him as the better and more prominent professional in his specialty for the year 2013-2014 in Mexico, in recognition of his dedicated work and professional performance.

Dr. Pablo Rojas Pardini, was accredited in the City of London on November 30, 2014 the IQC Gold Award, granted by THE BID GROUP ONE organization in recognition of his contribution to the patented innovation of the worldwide known orthodontic technique known as Wirethreading developed by Dr. Pablo Rojas Pardini.